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Ways to say "a lot" in Italian

Every language has different ways to say "a lot." Let's look at what Italian has to offer. We covered some of the ways in a previous lesson, but let's look at a few more.


Un mucchio

Ricci mi ha chiesto un mucchio di soldi.

Ricci asked me for a pile of money.

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Un mucchio  is a heap, a pile. Think of a pile of dirty laundry, a pile of leaves, heaped one on top of the other. 


Una  marea

perché t'ha raccontato una marea di frottole. -No!

because he told you a bunch of tall tales. -No!

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La marea  is "the tide." A tide of tall tales. 


Considerate che di colle ce ne sono una marea: colla per il tessuto, colla per le pietre, corla [sic], corla [sic], eh, colla per, per la pelle.

Consider that there are a bunch of different glues: glue for fabric, glue for stone, glue, glue, uh, glue for, for skin.

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Una  valanga

Ho speso una valanga di soldi per questa macchina fotografica (I spent an avalanche [a whole lot] of money for this camera).


Un  casino

Sto facendo il viaggio più bello della mia vita, mamma. Ci divertiamo un casino.

I'm having the best trip of my life, Mom. We're having a lot of fun.

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Casino is a colloquial term that originally meant  "brothel."  It currently means, colloquially, "mess," "a  lot of noise and confusion," or "a lot of trouble," but it has also come to mean "a whole lot." It's best to use it exclusively among friends, in view of its original meaning.


In a future lesson, we'll talk about ways to say "a lot," when it's used as an adverb.



Pasta and More Pasta


The most immediate image that comes to mind when hearing the noun pasta is a nice plate of it, at the table. When we say la pasta, we're referring, more often than not, to the dish we know and love.



But in Italian, pasta means other things as well. In fact, pasta refers to something that has been impastato (kneaded, mixed into a dough or paste at some point). Think of the similarity of pasta and “paste.” Think of the simple paste you can make with flour and water. That’s a kind of pasta, or dough.


A recent video at Yabla is a further episode about a shop in Rome that specializes in gift packaging, and personalized gifts made of carta (paper), cartone (cardboard), but also tessuto (cloth/fabric) and pasta modellabile (modeling clay). Think “playdough” to get the connection.


Abbiamo una pasta sintetica.

We have a synthetic modeling clay.

Vendiamo una pasta sintetica nel negozio, infrangibile.

We sell synthetic modeling clay in the shop, shatterproof.

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Pasta sometimes means “dough.”


Quindi, si stende la pasta della pizza.

So, you spread out the pizza dough.

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Dough is also called l’impasto (the dough). L’impasto can mean any mixture, usually a bit thick.


L'impasto della pizza è composto da: acqua, farina, lievito e sale.

The pizza dough is made of: water, flour, yeast, and salt.

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When people talk about pasta asciutta, what do they mean? It literally means “dry pasta.” You might think it’s the opposite of fresh pasta (usually, but not always, made with eggs and flour). But no, it means “not in broth.” There may be a sauce, but the pasta dish can be eaten with a fork, not a spoon.


Eh, quindi per esempio, la pasta asciutta,

Uh, so for example, pasta,

così apprezzata da, da tutta l'Italia...

so appreciated by, by all of Italy...

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Even in olive oil production, we can refer to una pasta. It’s the resulting paste from crushing the olives.


Le olive vengono frantumate, cioè spappolate,

The olives are crushed, that is, they become a mush,

nocciolo e polpa insieme e ne risulta una pasta chiara.

pit and pulp together, and the result is a light colored paste.

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Una pasta can also mean any kind of sweet roll that you have for colazione (breakfast) or spuntino (snack) when you’re in an Italian bar. Other names for this item are pezzo dolce (sweet piece) in Tuscany, or brioche (with various spellings, as it comes from the French), and cornetto (croissant) in various areas of Italy.

Pago un caffè e due paste.
I’ll pay for a coffee and two sweet rolls.

Now you know there’s more to pasta than just spaghetti!


For pasta recipes on Yabla, here are a few:


Adriano shows us how to make pasta alla carbonara.


Three little cooks prepare a delicious pasta dish dedicated to the tricolore (the Italian flag).


Here’s a personal pasta recipe presented by Arianna.


Buon appetito and have fun making things out of pasta modellabile!


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